Build Your Own Trailer

Build Your Own Trailer

  • Customer Information
  • Address you will have the trailer shipped:

    If a commercial address we must have the name of the business.
  • Trailers are ordered when the deposit is received and shipped based on order date.
    Trailers will ship via best freight quote available with customers approval at that time.

  • UGOAT Ordering Instructions

    How to order your new trailer:
    1. Fill out the order form including description and price and return it to us or call us at 208-391-8885.
    2. Fill out the buyer section of this page. Total the order form including the price of the base trailer.
    3. Send a cashiers check for 50% of order total to 3777 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City Idaho 83714 or add 3% for credit card transactions.
    4. We will notify you after we receive your deposit with a projected (estimate only) delivery timeline. Final payment must be made via certified check.
  • Utility Base Model
  • Includes:
    • Heavy Duty welded steel frame
    • protected wiring conduit
    • independent torsion 3500lb suspension
    • 10” electric brakes
    • front towing coupler universal and can accept any combination of ball pintle or swivel hitches
    • rear 2” towing/cargo receptacle can hold bicycle or cargo racks.
    • Comes with 15” street trailer tires and black MOD steel wheels
    • spare tire mount
    • rear storage contains two custom sized ramps
    • removable tailgate
    • LED lighting also includes 4”backup lights
    • 3 point side crank jacks for leveling or changing tires
    • multiple location inside and out E Track for cargo securement
    • 7 blade standard rv electrical cable
    • wiring junction box
    • plastic front box with 120v inlet port
    • 12v Zamp solar inlet port and 12v power outlet port
    • battery box
    • charger and fuse holder
    • lug wrench
    • keyed locking cargo side door with 800lb total hinge weight
    • lockable rear tailgate
    • powder coated exterior and bedliner interior available in black and grey only (bottom box only)
    • removable rear bumper
    • 45 degree axle deflection standard
    • single propane bottle holder and HD safety chains.
    • custom made front cargo rack

    Dimensions: 82” x 52.5” x 18”
    utility base trailer
  • Aluminum Camper Top (sits atop base model)
    • Durable powder coat finish
    • Multiple 12 V power and USB outlets
    • External water outlets to support optional equipment
    • 21 gal water tank with easy fill port and water pump
    • Rear kitchen switched LED dome light, with red and white lens
    • Main cabin switched LED switched dome light, with red and white lens
    • Keyed alike doors and hatches to match trailer base
    • Rear galley door with gas strut assist
    • kitchen galley storage and optional accessories compartment
    • Sliding window with screen, in cargo door.
    • Multi-point E-track cargo securement
    • Quick disconnect latches to make removal easily accomplished by two people.
    aluminum camper top
  • Tent Rack
  • Lightweight adjustable height heavy duty tent rack gives you the ability to use any roof rack tent option we offer and also haul additional equipment above or below it.

    tent rack
  • Paint Options
  • Utility Base Model

  • Aluminum Camper Top

    custom colors (call for quote or color match)
  • Suspension Modifications
  • We can match your current vehicle tow/ride height by raising or lowering the scout. We can also delete the 10” electric standard brakes if to reduce weight and if you don’t have option to control them. Any changes may increase build time.
    BFG Tire Options
    BFG Tire Options
  • Multi-Trailer Options
  • Custom Cargo Rack
    Custom Cargo Rack
    Kitchen Sink Upgrade
    Kitchen Sink Upgrade
    Shower Camp Chef
    Hot on demand shower
    Galley kitchen kit
    Galley kitchen kit
  • Pioneer kit Pioneer Kit
    Solar Suitcase Solar Suitcase
    4 Bar LED Light Kit 4 Bar LED Light Kit
    Pioneer kit
    Partner Stove
  • Tent and Awning options
  • rhino rack fox wing Foxwing
    rhino rack tag along tent Tag Along Tent
  • Tent Options

    All tents are 4 Season and we will install at build time.

  • Misc Gear
  • hammock bipod
    Hammock Bi-pod
    bucks bags
    Bucks Bags
    Dorcy lanterns
    Dorcy lanterns
    Plano Cargo Boxes
    Plano Cargo Boxes
  • rhino rack fox wing
    rhino rack fox wing
    Steel Firepit
    Steel Fire pit
    Firepit Tripod
    Fire pit Tripod
  • Water Nozzle
    Water Nozzle / Water Cans
    Water can insulated cover
    Water Can Insulated Cover
    max coupler
    Max Coupler
    ball hitch
    2" Ball Hitch